Golfers at all levels benefit from golf-specific training. This expert program begins with evaluation and moves through targeted strength, power, core, and flexibility exercises. Pete Draovitch, personal trainer and physical therapist to PGA star Greg Norman, and Ralph Simpson, former physical therapist and trainer on the PGA Tour fitness van, have teamed up to create a comprehensive program to help you in these areas:

In addition, the 90-minute DVD takes you onto the course and into the gym to demonstrate the drills and exercises used by the pros.

Complete Conditioning for Golf is simply the best guide to preparing your body for success on the links.


Part I Conditioning Components
Chapter 1. Golf Fitness Tests
Chapter 2. Flexibility for Full-Swing Arc
Chapter 3. Preround Warm-Up
Chapter 4. Weight Training for Maximum Distance
Chapter 5. Core Training for Postural Stability
Chapter 6. Cuff Training for a Solid Backswing
Chapter 7. Motor Memory for Power Transfer and Skill Execution
Chapter 8. Nutrition and Supplements for Golf Energy Needs

Part II Golf-Specific Programs
Chapter 9. Advanced Power Development
Chapter 10. 15-Minute Weekly Maintenance
Chapter 11. Rehabilitation and Recovery From Injury

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Complete Conditioning for Golf
Price: $32.90

by Pete Draovitch & Ralph Simpson

Foreward by Greg Norman
Includes DVD

From the tee to the greens, improve all aspects of your game with Complete Conditioning for Golf, a book and DVD package that presents the programs the pros use.

Complete Conditioning for Golf