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Instant Replay™
Core Strengthening
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Activating and Patterning

Upper Torso: This exercise activates the spinal rotator muscles preparing them to do work as well as increasing their strength and endurance thereby preventing and treating back pain.

Back Swing: Using the INSTANT REPLAY for back swing patterning improves torso range of motion within a golf-specific pattern.

Resisted Swing: The resisted swing movement builds strength and power from the pelvis and legs allowing a more solid move through the shot.

Accelerated Swing: The accelerated swing uses sensory-motor pathways to teach the four components of skilled athletic movement.

Shoulder Accelerated Swing: Adding it all together, this move links the upper body and pelvis to complete the feeling of proper loading, weight shift, timing, and rotation on the take-away as well as impact and follow-through.

Strength and Endurance

Quadrant Moves – Right Leg & Left Leg: Quadrant exercises are designed to prevent and treat low back pain by improving strength, endurance, and control in hard to train low back and abdominal muscles. Although both movements demand deep spinal muscle activation, the extension quadrant exercise favors the low back extensor muscles, while the flexion quadrant maneuver preferentially stresses the oblique abdominals.

Side Lunge – Right Leg & Left Leg: The lunge is an indispensable power developing exercise. The INSTANT REPLAY Lunge promotes hip power while incorporating the torso rotary muscles necessary for a powerful move through impact.

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Instant Replay™
Includes: 1 heavy RNT Tubing, 1 medium INSTANT REPLAY™ belt, 1 large INSTANT REPLAY™ belt, poster and Instructional Video.
Price: $108.90

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"The Instant Replay promotes movement awareness necessary for an efficient, powerful golf swing by subconsciously educating the body regarding timing, loading, weight shift, and rotation. These four components, intimately associated, are the precursors to skilled athletic movement. This device serves as a system for reproducing repetitive and consistent movement patterns. Athletic performance in sports such as tennis, baseball, football, hockey, wrestling, and basketball can also benefit from this unique training system."

—Ralph Simpson, PT, OCS, CMPT, ATC, Physical Therapist -HEALTHSOUTH Player Fitness Center, PGA Tour for over 10 years

"I've been using the INSTANT REPLAY since the winter of 2000. I use it in all my training at home. It really strengthens my core for my golf swing. It's great for core training — you should use it too."

—Scott McCarron, Professional Golfer, PGA Tour

"The Instant Replay allows the client, as well as the exercise specialist, to facilitate all parameters of fitness. It provides for gross as well as fine motor development and spine stabilization training. Its utilization extends from specific pathologies to specific sensory motor development and training."

— Keith Kleven, MS, PT, ATC, Physical Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer for numerous athletes, including boxer Mike Tyson & PGA players Mark O’Meara & Tiger Woods.

Stretches by Golf Digest Professional Advisor Ralph Simpson
Illustrations: George Cathey