SmartSound, Dynalator, Neuroprobe
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Intelliskin Functional
Posture Apparel

The IntelliSkin shirt reconditions postural awareness and improves scapular stability by addressing muscle imbalances while facilitating proper spinal alignment. Instantly improve the way you look, feel and function!
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DS2 Platform
Eighty million Americans suffer from low back problems and 80% of these problems can be controlled by proper conditioning of the midsection. The DS2 Platform was developed to get rid of the weak link.
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Multi-Functional XTS
Cross Training System

The XTS Multi-Functional Cross Training System is great for the professional, as well as the home user. The versatility and space conscious design makes it perfect for all locations.
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Proven enhanced performance for most athletes. Relief of low back and hip pain in over 90% of patients.
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Monitored Rehab Systems
Sports and physical rehabilitation equipment xts instant replay backsystem3 core strength rack OTIS smartsound
RNT tubing electro-therapy imaging sports training books complete conditioning for golf power, speed and stamina for tennis
physical rehabilitation products dynalator
sports training
Miscellaneous Products
BackSystem3™ Stretch Guide
Stretches and Exercises for the BackSystem3
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Stabilization Ball
Ball for therapy and training. The newest development to provide relief to back pain.
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Medicine Ball
Multiple uses for conditioning and training.
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Tornado Resistance Tubing
Resistance tubing for sport-specific conditioning.
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