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OTIS — Oscillating Technique
for Isometric Stabilization
OTIS is an effective and efficient means for developing strength, endurance and proprioception. OTIS serves as a comprehensive clinical rehabilitation device that meets the needs of acute care and supports both post-rehabilitation programs and home exercise regimes.

Small 12"
Price: $89.99

Pro Orthopedic)

• Excellent tool for home exercise and
     treatment plans
• Appropriate for all phases of clinical care
• Ideal for static and dynamic stability training
• Facilities reeducation of muscle memory
• Works with open and closed chain exercises
• Available individually or in a moneysaving
     3 pack
• Includes manual with more than
     100 exercises
• Compact, affordable and fun to use

OTIS protocols facilitate increased joint stability through a progression of static and dynamic exercises. In acute dysfunctional situations where qualitative movement is negligible, OTIS allows for appropriate and effective joint stimulation without compromising tissue homeostasis. Joint positioning, movement patterns, and therapeutic modalities, such as tubing and Swiss balls, are easily integrated into OTIS exercise protocols.

Each OTIS is a round plyometric tube with a central handle. Weighted steel bearings within the tube rotate around the perimeter with controlled planar movements of the OTIS. Oscillation frequency depends on the force applied by the user. The number and weight of the bearings is adjustable. for built-in progression. OTIS is offered in a 12" size.

“OTIS plays an integral role in our program to develop and maintain dynamic trunk and shoulder stability; key factors that minimize injury risks for any overhead athlete, not just baseball players”

—Herm Schneider Chicago WhiteSox Head Athletic Trainer.