IntelliSkin products mimic your underlying anatomy and conform to your body like a second skin. IntelliSkin technology utilizes the body’s sensory motor system to correct muscle imbalances to improve movement and alignment. It actually cues nerve receptors in the skin to stimulate muscle balance and function.

Dr. Brown likes to call the IntelliSkin shirt a “Posture workout, you can wear.”

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IntelliSkin Functional
Posture Apparel

The IntelliSkin shirt reconditions postural awareness and improves scapular stability by addressing muscle imbalances while facilitating proper spinal alignment. Instantly improve the way you look, feel and function!

Created by leading sports medicine expert and accomplished athlete Dr. Tim Brown, IntelliSkin products incorporate advanced sports science and research, technical development and design, and thousands of hours in the field, all focused on producing a product which: