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October 2002

Claes Tillyweg 2
2031 CW Haarlem

Monitored Rehab Systems

I left my training and introduction to Monitored Rehab Systems (MRS) at Belmont University with excitement. I have worked with several exercise equipment developers over the years and finally someone has thought through all the software development and equipment tweaking to deliver a piece of equipment that will put fun and excitement back in rehabilitation.

The equipment itself is top quality. It works smoothly and has high quality bearings and welds. Biomechanically, the devices follow the current learning on proper exercise mechanics.

The software is simple, intuitive, and very easy to use. The data pickup is absolutely cutting edge and not offered anywhere. The information provided to the clinician and patient is very current to today’s exercise and testing needs.

I look forward to being involved with you and Dr. Voight in researching and benchmarking the reliability and validity of this equipment. I expect this equipment to bring excitement back to rehabilitation!

Best regard,

Tab Blackburn, PT ATC
Executive Director
Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine
New Orleans, LA 70118

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