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DS2 Platform

Standard Platform

The revolutionary DS2 PLATFORM is a multiple patent pending product that takes traditional exercises to a new level.  This versatile tool can be used for patient-controlled stretching or strengthening of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles with minimal weight bearing or loading through the shoulder.  This feature makes it ideal for post-operative rehabilitation.  However, exercises can be progressed by adding resistive bands and placing the user in various positions, such as overhead or in an abducted position.

In addition, challenge the user with upper extremity and core (trunk) exercises in a push-up position, or add lower extremity exercises to get the full body experience.  The DS2 PLATFORM can be utilized for any segment of the body at any stage of rehabilitation or level of exercise!

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Dynamic Stabilization and Strengthening Platform
How the DS2 is used

The DS2 Platform Standard Package includes:
• DS2 Platform (1)
• Nylon Gloves (1 pair – Med/Lg)
• Nylon Booties (1 pair – One size fits all)

Please contact us for custom colorization.

The DS2 Platform Deluxe Package includes:
• Platform (1)
• Nylon Gloves (1 pair – Med/Lg)
• Nylon Booties (1 pair – One size fits all)
• Velcro Wrist Strap
• 3 Resistive Bands (Med/Heavy/Very Heavy)
• DVD (Included in future)

Please contact us for custom colorization.