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For Monitored Rehab Systems

I am very impressed with Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat. It allows us to initiate early rehabilitation safely and challenge athletes as they progress in their rehabilitation. The exercises provide a variety of methods to achieve both proprioceptive and neuro gains along with strength gains. The exercises are fun and challenging for our players. I believe it is beneficial in their recovery.

Ryan Vermillion
Head Athletic Trainer
Carolina Panthers

We have found that the Functional Squat unit allows us to provide closed chain eccentric work at varying speeds and ranges, better than anything that we have used to date. With our athletes having grown up in a "Pack Man" age, the unit brings out their gaming and competitive nature so that they are lining up to use it for both rehabilitation and strength

Bill Tessendorf
Head Athletic Trainer
Baltimore Ravens

I wish to commend CDM Sport on their Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat machine. We are using the system with both our surgical and non-surgical patients and have found it extremely useful in our setting. The athletes have responded extremely well with the various exercise settings and different intensity levels. The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat provides a safe and effective rehabilitative instrument; a new dimension in concentric / eccentric workloads rarely seen in other products. We are now incorporating the System in our off-season conditioning program for all of our players. Thank you again for introducing us to the Monitored Rehab Systems and we wish you much success in the future.

Best wishes,

Michael A. Colello, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Cleveland Browns

The Functional Squat system brings a new tool to the profession, whether you're in a normal training mode or working on rehabbing a player. The Functional Squat system allows you to add a number of new training protocols never seen in a traditional weight room or rehab clinic. The Functional Squat now allows us the ability to add muscular endurance, functional neuromuscular activities in a safe and user friendly training environment. I highly recommend this system to the profession and the rehabilitation community.

Fernando Montes
Director of Strength & Conditioning,
Texas Rangers Baseball Club

The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat machine has been a perfect addition to my home gym. For rehabilitation on my right knee the Squat machine is ideal for training single leg exercises and comparing it to the non-involved leg. The programs are challenging and I can store all the data to know how my rehab is progressing. I can always change the exercise to make it easier or more difficult or vary it so that I can always do something different. What tops off the Functional Squat is its smooth motion and ease of use. It is the best machine I have ever used.

Brad Faxon
PGA Tour Player

The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat is one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in our institute. It is utilized in both early rehabilitative and training management. With its use providing the earliest possible post operative management of the lower extremity with proximal dysfunction including lumbo pelvic pathology / spinal dysfunction, we are seeing significant increases in lower extremity balance, proprioception and strength in the lower extremities and more importantly a crossover effect into the unaffected extremity. We are utilizing it in advanced stages of rehab in conjunction with other functional training. Other than manual therapy I feel this is as effective as any other therapy or treatment system in early or late strengthening and stabilization programs for the lower quarter. Following utilization of this system for several weeks we are seeing a general and marked increase in functional capabilities from the geriatric patient to the professional athlete.

Keith Kleven, MS, PT, ATC
Physical Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer
for numerous athletes, including boxer Mike Tyson and PGA players Mark O'Meara & Tiger Woods

Russ Paine PT
Director of Sports Rehab of Houston

The MR leg press is breaking new ground in sports rehabilitation. I believe that it will have an impact to sports rehabilitation similar to that of the advent of isokinetics. Clinically, the ability to isolate the quadriceps in the closed chain position is difficult. With the MR leg press you are able to limit the ROM to enhance the firing of the quadriceps (120-50) degrees. I am not a "gadget" therapist, and the MR leg press is not just a gimmick. This product provides results that no other lower extremity product can provide. A combination of proprioception, muscle recruitment, and patient motivation make the MR leg press the most impressive machine I have used in many years.

I am thrilled with the Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat that we have purchased. It is an integral part of our approach to proprioception and functional training.

Rick Burkholder
Head Athletic Trainer
Philadelphia Eagles

The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat device has become a required piece of equipment for lower extremity rehabilitation for my patients. While it is obvious that it builds isometric, eccentric and concentric strength it provides a more important role by offering neuromuscular training.

Dr. Marc Philippon
Director of Hip Sports Medicine

The Monitored Rehabilitation System Functional Squat has allowed us to challenge the athletes neuromuscularly at every stage of their rehabilitation.

Gary J. Calabrese, PT
Director, Sports Health and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
The Cleveland Clinic

We have found the MR Systems Functional Squat to be an extremely effective device in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of lower extremity musculoskeletal pathology. Patients undergoing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction benefit tremendously from the advanced technology of the Functional Squat. The parameters of evaluation and rehabilitation of MR Systems technology effectively match the overall guidelines of our ACL rehabilitation program and serve as a valuable adjunct to the success of our overall rehabilitation program.

Mark DeCarlo, PT, MHA, SCS, ATC
Methodist Sports Medicine Center
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat is a very good piece for multiple angle strength training and we have found it very beneficial for training proprioception as well.

Brian Hagan, MS, OCS, FAAOMPT, PT
Program Administrator
UPMC, Center of Sports Medicine

Not only does this device put FUN back into functional rehab, we have also found it to be extremely reliable and valid for data collection and research. Previously I would quantify motor control with time intensive EMG testing. Now I am able to get “better” information about function much more quickly.

Michael Voight, PT, DHSc, ATC, OCS, SCS
Professor, School of Physiotherapy
Belmont University

The Monitored Rehabilitation System, including the Functional Squat & Cable Machine have been positive additions to our rehabilitation tool set. The athletes have found the system to be challenging and rewarding in strength gains, while at the same time offering variety and fun to their rehab programs.

Margaret M. Hunt, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
United States Olympic Committee
Sports Medicine Division

The Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat has been an excellent training device for our athletes and non-athletes. While on the device, our clients are completely immersed in their training from a physical and mental standpoint. Gains in strength and lower body control are precisely measured making test/re-test reliability very high. We have had great success using the Functional Squat with athletes as young as 8 years old to 50+ years old!

Mark Nemish
Owner/Performance Director
Dynamic Sports Performance, Ashburn, VA
Former Strength & Conditioning Coach with Nashville Predators (NHL)

The Functional Squat unit has been a tremendous asset to our strength and conditioning program, especially on this level of play! It is another avenue that we provide our players with so they can achieve maximum, performance levels

Buddy Morris
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Browns

I have been using the Cable Column daily. I have used it with Lance Berkman, and many pro athletes, as well as non athletic patients. I have found that the Monitored Rehab Systems provides both proprioceptive and muscular fatigue that results in faster strength gains to the posterior cuff. After 4-5 sessions there is a definite improvement in the fine motor control which is a great benefit to stimulating the rotator cuff to control the humeral head. I use the 90/90 position with my shoulder patients, with the patient seated and their arm supported by a hospital type rolling table. I also have used the Cable Column with hip patients in the supine position on the floor that has been very beneficial.

Russ Paine, PT
Director - The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Consultant - Houston Astros, NASA
For BackSystem 3

I see significant improvement in flexibility of muscles stretched in a shorter period of time using the BackSystem3 than when done manually. It can be used to stretch different muscle groups of the hip, knee, ankle joint, shoulder and an excellent IT Band stretch. Patients find it an extremely comfortable way to stretch and can independently initiate their own flexibility exercises and are able to push themselves based on the amount of tension they feel.

Clive E. Brewster, M.S., R.P.T.
Director of Physical Therapy, Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic

Back System 3 is a useful adjunct to the total care of the back. Flexibility of the back is key in developing good back care. This system can be used in the clinic and on the field for stretching activity. It is easy to transport and is certainly one piece of equipment that is capable for my athletes.

Jim Whitesal, MS.
Pro Therapist, Whitesal Pro Therapy Centers

BackSystem 3 is very popular with our players. This simple yet effective machine has become an integral part of our stretching program. With the BackSystem3 it has never been easier to help a player stretch tight muscles and maintain flexibility. I highly recommend this product be added to any stretching program, it saves time and the results are consistent.

Charley Strasser
Rehab Director and Minor League Coordinator

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the clinical effects I have observed in my own practice and that of my colleagues. I have witnessed dramatic relief of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar pain and lower extremity discomfort following the use of this particular instrument. Its simplicity is equally striking. After only approximately twelve minutes on the machine, patients report a sense of relief which lasts a considerable amount of time. The exercises are simple enough that patients can learn to do it on their own, so I don't have to use my therapists to monitor or assist the patients' use of the device. I have found patients who have not been able to budge from other clinical approaches making immense progress after a brief session on the BackSystem3 exerciser. Words cannot express my satisfaction with BackSystem3, and I hope you and your patients are enjoying the same progress that mine are.

Steven M. Sacks, M.D.
Southeast Texas Rehabilitation Network

The BackSystem3 has become an integral part of our rehabilitation program. Within our facility, the BackSystem3 is the only piece of physical therapy equipment used specifically for increasing flexibility. This particular piece of equipment is unique in that it allows the patient to control the amount of stretch than he/she can tolerate and is simple to use. Back pain is often the result of a lack of flexibility and we have found that with the continued use of the Backsystem 3, the movement and flexibility of our patients has significantly increased resulting in relief from their pain. The BackSystem3 has become a great asset in our patients rehabilitation process and has proven to be as useful, if not more so, than the other physical therapy equipment that we have invested in.

Mario J. Bravomalo, L.P.T.
Texas Back Institute, Bedford Office

Hamstrings are mainly responsible for back problems. If the hamstrings are short, which they often are, the pelvis may tilt and affect the back. Even if you don't get injured, you fatigue a lot quicker. The BackSystem3 is a very simple way to maintain flexibility.

George Sullivan, P.T., A.T.C.

BackSystem 3 is a versatile machine which allows athletes to strength in a timely manner, freeing up staff for other duties, while providing an outstanding alternative to manual stretching.

Mr. Jerry Weber
Head Athletic Trainer, P.T. A.T.C.,
University of Nebraska

The BackSystem3 machine has been an added modality for our program. The compliance in use by the athletes is high because they feel the results. Flexibility is a big factor in preventing injury, and the BackSystem3 has helped with our goals.

T. Ross Bailey, A.T.C.
Texas Christian University

The 'BackSystems' have been fixtures in our training room for seven years. Our players expect them on the road when we travel and obviously have become a valuable adjunct in our injury prevention, care and rehabilitation.

Pepper Burruss, PT, ATC,
Head Athletic Trainer, Green Bay Packers

The BackSystem along with the great wealth of clinical knowledge that Steve unselfishly shares have literally changed the way we treat our athletes. Injury rates have decreased and our athletes' performance and satisfaction have increased dramatically. We currently have BackSystems in the training room, locker room, and even three at the Sugar Bowl. Our athletes love them! For years I have looked for that one clinical tool that through minimal instruction and supervision our athletes could use to actively treat their own injuries with great success. When I first arrived at Virginia Tech, Eddie Ferrell was a firm believer in the product. It didn't take long to sell me on Steve and their great product. Since then, I have added BackSystems and other pieces of Steve's products to both of my outpatient clinics. Thanks, Steve, for a great product and unbelievable service!

Mike Goforth, MS, ATC,
Head Football Athletic Trainer, Virginia Tech

We have found the BackSystem3 to be an extremely important tool in our rehabilitation.

John Kasik
Head Athletic Trainer,
Carolina Panthers