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Sports & Rehabilitation Centre Kennemerland is a specialized rehab-clinic for various Orthopaedic patients. In our clinic we are dealing with Sport-Medicine as well as the elderly patients.

Our patient group can be divided in:

Knee: ACL/PCL operation
           Meniscus problems
           Gonarthrosis / Total Knee replacement

Shoulder: Instability

Back: A-Specific pain

Hip: Osteoarthritis
        Total Hip

In our clinic we use the equipment of Monitored Rehab Systems every day. This equipment, together with the unique software, provides us with good results upon functional restoration.

One of our well-known patients Elco van der Geest:
“I had an ACL reconstruction in 2001 and by rehabilitation on the Monitored Rehab Systems Functional Squat. I succeeded in optimal functional performance and won the Golden medal at the European Judo championship 2002”

Helene Swarthstraat 12-2024 HB Haarlem - tel. 023 – 525 96 73
fax 023 – 527 79 91

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