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Rehab Centre is using MR-Systems

Our goal is functional Restoration by getting the best of dynamic functions.

Doing this, we depend on measurement of efficiency of treatment and the possibility of isolated training of muscle function.

Our philosophy is that physical deconditioning and inadequate motorical behavior is changing the “natural history” of a disease process.
Fear of pain causes inactive habituation by compensating musculoskeletal performance, resulting in a physical and emotional underperformance.
Restoring normal motor patterns is only then possible when the patient has confidence in the treatment. Therefore we need physical therapists will excellent skills and knowledge and the best equipment.

MR-Systems provides us with good assessment tools for measurement of human performance In progress of the baseline measurements the MR-tools are successfully used in training during our functional restoration treatment approach.

Edwin Glerum, MScPT
Direct of Rehab Centre BV

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