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Great performance Swiss Mountain bike Team, due to MRS

Swiss Mountain bike Rider Marielle Sane, Team ARAI, reached a podium place at the Downhill World Cup. After many injuries of her leg’s and backbone, she trained her functional appearance on the MRS Squat, the MRS Back Extension and the Chest Press. Thanks to a wonderful software program she could almost copy a 5-minute Downhill race with curves, drop jumps and long straight downhill parts.

She trained in static form to stabilize her back and shoulder muscles.
In the dynamic form she trained maximal power, explosive and strength-endurance. At the Chest Press she did some modificated workout. She had to stabilize her trunk and at the same time she did exercises with legs to copy the way she’s on her bike.

Thanks to MRS she could do functional training, which made her one of the world’s best female downhill racers.

Functional Squat for Swiss Floorball players

The Swiss National Floorball is booming. They have an immense members increase. One of the leading Teams of the Swiss national league is Wiler-Ersigen. They ended the last season as second. During one season there are many injuries, like LCA(2x), inversion traumas (9x), Anterior knee pain, shoulder luxation with labrum fractures (Keeper) and many distortions and bruises.

Thanks to the functional training on the MRS Squat and the Balancer, the absence of playing could be reduced dramatically. There was only one residive, due to wrong management with a Brace.

The two LCA patients could start their functional weight bearing one week after operation. They could use the MRS Squat during the whole rehabilitation. First ennervational training, then stabilization and later in strength training. Great is how they could make Squat jumps and Drop jumps. After 10 months they are making the first try outs for a National League-A match.

The Keeper made, after his very bad Shoulder injury, emmensive progress by training at the MRS Cable-Column. Due to the software program he could train functional performance. Now he is one of Switzerland’s most talented Floorball Keepers.

Thanks to Physiotherapie Hans Koch, Bertrick Kuik, and MRS we can enjoy the sports performances of these wonderful athletes.
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