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MR Systems

Who am I?
Daan Spanjersberg, sport physiotherapist since 1977. Worked as sport physiotherapist for several sport clubs. From 1980 till 1995, I worked for the KNAU (Royal Dutch Athletic Union); I was a sports physiotherapist at the Olympic Games in 1988 and 1992; I was active at the Olympic base Support Rotterdam, the FC Feyenoord and I am active in my own practice where my sportsmen of national and international levels are treated.

What am I doing?
I work in multiple settings as a registered sport physiotherapist. At this moment, I work as a manager for two sports physiotherapist practices and as a sport physiotherapist for the BVO Feyenoord. Besides all that, I am chairman of the NVFS (Dutch Union for physiotherapist in the Sport healthcare).

What does MR-Systems mean for me as a professional?
Until several years ago, I was mainly interested equipment measurements of strength values. Next to the usual tests in the field, I was using isokinesi, a method that gave me a view in the strength of a certain movement in a pre-determined angle.
Although I recorded objective data, there was insufficient insight in the functioning of the patient. And, I am mainly interested in the functioning of my patient. MR-Systems gave me the possibility to record the strength which the patient can produce in a certain movement. By recording the relation between strength and speed, I get a clear impression of the functioning of the patient. Besides that, I can observe the coordination and that clarifies the functioning.
Now, I only write about the possibilities of this system to record items. The practical things we do, is training the patient and test him again after three to four weeks to record the progression, which is something that the physicians and insurers like as objective feedback. Beside this, the system is very user friendly because it offers all the possibilities to train on the system by one selves. For my employees and myself the system provides many possibilities and more important: the system is a step in the right direction for the patient on its way to complete recovery.
Together with the many training for function recovery in a field situation, MR-Systems offers the possibility for professional training on top levels and easy recording of data about the functioning of the patient.

Daan Spanjersberg
October 2002

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