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Regarding Monitored Rehab Systems Equipment:
Functional Squat / Cable Column

It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing this letter. I have completed my training on the use of your Monitored Rehab equipment and am truly impressed. I have found that your equipment is very easy to understand and implement in all aspects of the rehabilitation process. Not only is your product fun and exciting to use with patients, but it also provides me with much needed information to enhance my overall rehabilitation programs. Previously, I would quantify motor control with time intensive EMG testing. Now I am able to get better information about function much more quickly.

Because of the above reasons, I have begun several research projects utilizing your products. Specifically, we are measuring patient satisfaction and compliance, as well as validating the computer values against standard EMG scores. This will further help us to place a greater emphasis on your equipment in the total rehab process.

Thank you again for introducing this revolutionary piece of equipment to me. I look forward to further increasing our working relationship on research and cannot wait for the next piece of equipment to be produced. If I can ever be of further assistance to you or your staff in the future, you are welcome to call (or visit). Thank you again!

Best regards,

Michael Voight, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC
Professor-School of Physiotherapy
Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee USA

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